Do I need an account to rent sets?

An account is not required to rent any of our LEGO sets. However, we do recommend registering for an account so you can keep track of your purchase history and build an ongoing wishlist of LEGO sets without having to search and find them each time you visit our site. Having an account is also the only way you’ll be notified of any promotions or discounts. 🙂

Why should I rent instead of buying?

You save money over time and have the opportunity to build a variety of different sets. The price of each rental set is roughly 75% cheaper than the going market price (sometimes even more for rare, discontinued sets you can’t find elsewhere). This means you can essentially rent and build 4 different LEGO sets for the price of 1 purchase.

Do you offer coupon codes?

We may have promotions and/or discounts from time to time. If interested, please subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email in the form at the bottom of the homepage. Any promotions or discounts will be sent via email to our subscribers. If you receive a coupon code, it can be used during the checkout process and will automatically be applied to the price.

What if the set I want is “rented out”?

You can enter your email address and be instantly notified of when a set is available again. The email will include a direct link to the set to make the process quick and easy. For LEGO sets in high demand, users will be placed on a wait list based on when they submitted their email.

How do you clean/sanitise the LEGO® sets?

With the recent Delta outbreak, keeping our sets clean is one of our major priorities. Once a set is returned back to us, we immediately place it in a UV sterilising box and completely disinfect it. We then use hot water with a mix of mild detergent to clean off any remaining dirt or bacteria. We dry the pieces by placing them on a clean towel exposed to air overnight. Once the bricks are completely dry, we place them back in tightly sealed Tupperware containers (which are also cleaned and disinfected) before sending them out again. You can view a video of our cleaning process in the “Our Sanitising Process” section of our homepage.

I can't remove a LEGO piece?

If you are unable to remove a piece, please do not attempt to remove it with your teeth or other sharp objects. We will remove it for you. This will help us keep the pieces in good condition for future rentals.

Do I have to pay to send the sets back to you?

This cost is calculated as a flat shipping fee during the checkout process. You do not have to pay anything extra. When you receive the set, it will come with a return label. All you have to do is place the return label on the box and either drop it off at the NZ Post or book a courier pickup.

How do I login or register for an account?

Click on the person icon on the top right corner of the page inside the blue rectangle. You will then be able to either login or register for an account. Once you register, you’ll be able to track your orders, view your rental history, update your contact/shipping details, and add payment options.

How long can I rent the sets?

The rental period is 10 days from the time you receive the set. We find that this is more than enough time for kids to build, enjoy, and play with the LEGO sets. We prefer keeping shorter rental periods so that everyone has a chance to rent popular sets without having to wait forever. You can extend the rental period by making the same order again.

Can I create wishlists?

Yes! All you have to do is click the heart icon on any item and it will automatically be added to your wishlist. Your wishlist will always be available each time you login to your account. You can also easily move items from your wishlist into your rental cart.

What happens if I lose some pieces?

We allow up to 3 missing common pieces without any charge. If you lose more than 3 common pieces, we will charge your account for the missing pieces. Please note that missing figurines or hard to replace pieces do not count as a common piece and will be charged at the current market value. The exact terms are outlined in our Terms and Conditions during the checkout process.

How do I return the sets?

Completely disassemble each of the sets and place the pieces back into the bags they came in. Place the bags into the Tupperware container and make sure it is tightly sealed before wrapping it with rubber bands. Then place the Tupperware container into the box and place the supplied return label on to it. Remember to either remove the old shipping label or place the return label over the old one. If the shipping box is damaged or lost, please use any similar-sized cardboard box for the return. You should drop it off at the NZ post or book a courier pick up using the link provided in your day 9 reminder email.

Do you buy used LEGO sets?

Absolutely! If you have a LEGO set that you no longer use, please let us know and we may consider purchasing it. We would like to continue expanding our LEGO collection. 🙂

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