• 89 pieces
• Features a BIONICLE® head with mask and mask pop-off trigger, 6 golden BIONICLE shells, tribal chest decoration, 2 golden swords, convertible lava surfboard/elemental fire blades, wheel-operated bashing battle arm function and posable joints
• Also includes the Golden Mask of Fire and a pale green Skull Spider
• Surf the lava in adrenalin mode!
• Convert the lava surfboard into 2 awesome elemental fire blades
• Turn the wheel to power up the bashing battle arm
• Resist the Skull Spider’s attempts to pop off Tahu’s mask!
• Compete to claim the Golden Mask of Fire
• Highly posable and durable for intense action play
• Combine with 70783 LEGO® BIONICLE® Protector of Fire using building instructions available at to power up for ultra elemental battle!
• Stands over 8” (21cm) tall

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