• 450 pieces
• Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Laval, Cragger and Mungus
• Features dual cockpit, 4-missile shooting weapon pod, fire CHI, fire CHI attachment point, fire CHI power mode, rear CHI holder, tools, CHI weapon holders, lion detailing, opening jaws, posable joints and translucent flame elements
• Weapons include a Fire Valious for Laval, Vengblaze for Cragger and a Tung-Tuska for Mungus
• Accessories include 3 removable CHI crystals in Mungus’ belt
• Place Laval and Cragger side by side in the cockpit
• Choose race mode for high speed pursuit
• Shoot 4 missiles at once from the rocket pod!
• Engage fire CHI power mode to bring the Fire Lion up to full height and attack
• Help Cragger get to the blue CHI before Mungus
• Measures over 6 (17cm) high

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