• 604 pieces
• Includes 6 minifigures with assorted weapons: Maula, Mottrot, Strainor, Vornon, Razar and Worriz
• Features a posable trunk with weapon, ice tusks and ribs, posable legs, giant feet, cockpit with space for a mammoth minifigure and hi-tech dashboard, command area, ice prison, 2 weapon racks with a spear, sword, wrench and hammer, ladder and translucent elements plus detachable flyer with 2 flick missiles and cannons, rotating propellers and cockpit with space for a mammoth minifigure
• Also includes a fire slider vehicle for Worriz and CHI
• Weapons include a Tuskstaff for Maula, Mamzooka for Mottrot, Triple Freeza for Strainor, Chokize for Vornon, Insinasabre for Razar and a Howlthrowa for Worriz
• Place Maula in the command area
• Pose the trunk
• Launch the flyer and shoot the flick missiles
• Sneak up on the Ice Mammoth Stomper in Worriz’s vehicle
• Maula’s Ice Mammoth Stomper measures over 8 (21cm) high

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