• 434 pieces
• Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons and accessories: Scorm, and Laval and Cragger in their new armor
• Features huge poisonous claws, biting mouth, opening and closing cockpit, flexible stinger with poison ball launcher, 2 poison ball ammunition cases, scorpion detailing and all-terrain wheels
• Weapons include Laval’s Shado Valious sword, Cragger’s Scale Ripper and Scorm’s Korrodor
• Accessories include new armor for Cragger and Laval plus a shield for Laval
• Grab minifigures intheScorpion Stinger’s mouth
• Stow poison balls in the special holder
• Fire poison balls from the high-powered stinger launcher
• Pick up tribal warriors with the poisonous claws
• Knock attackers flying with the flexible stinger
• Speed away with the CHI
• Take the weapons off the Stinger and use as hand guns
• Grab and launch the CHI grenades from Laval’s backpack
• Measures over 5 (15cm) high

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